Wednesday, April 27, 2011

paragraph 6:: Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, a complement of issues and design solution

Hey buddies, today is my last paper for the examination and you know what, i've just finished it! Yeah! After this i'm gonna havea my internship in a landscape architecture firm named Provinca Landscape Design. I am about to wait few more days before i get back to my hometown. Haha, actually this evening i am about to write an entry about my Urban Design Project during my Bachelor in Landscape Architecture in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Have you ever heard of the terminologies so called Urban Design? Actually Urban Design is a study which concern about the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space. It has traditionally been regarded as a disciplinary subset of urban planning, landscape architecture, or architecture and in more recent times has been linked to emergent disciplines such as landscape urbanism. 

Public space includes the totality of spaces used freely on a day-to-day basis by the general public, such as streets, plazas, parks and public infrastructure. Some aspects of privately owned spaces, such as building facades or domestic gardens, also contribute to public space and are therefore also considered by urban design theory. Important writers on, and advocates for, urban design theory include Kevin Lynch, Gordon Cullen, Christopher Alexander, Michael E. Arth, Edmund Bacon, Ian Bentley, Peter Calthorpe, Alex Krieger, Andres Duany *those books that i've read* and a lot more.

There are varies understanding of two fields that are closely related, 'urban design' differs from 'urban planning'. Urban Design its focus on physical improvement of the public environment, whereas the Urban Planning is more about in practice of urban design, which focus on the management of private development through established planning methods and programs, and other statutory development controls. *That's my shallow understanding base on my shallow readings*

Urban Design emphasis on more than one aspect which normally being discuss which the pedestrian linkage(pathway) like what have been said in The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch. It diverse to the landuse patterns(district or presint), urban pattern, urban morphology, public realm, human concentration in a place (nodes), place attachment (sequential study by Gordon Cullen in Concise of Townscape) and lots more. Yeah its a wide discovery of knowledge that study on human movement and dispersal from a place to another within a city.

As i said earlier, i am about to explain my study during Urban Design Studio in my school. My design proposal have been used as one of research paper of my lecturers that study about the methodology of teaching in Urban Design and i've been selected to present my design proposal as well as the group design proposal to student from Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta Indonesia in one of International Bilateral Program between Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta Indonesia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Our site is located one district in Johore region which named Segamat. Here i show you some of the boards of the design proposal:

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