Sunday, April 24, 2011

paragraph 2::Resource and Landscape Planning Studio

As what have been promised, i would like to share few presentation board during my lattest project of landscape architecture studies; the resource and landscape planning studio. This subject is kind of essence of landscape architecture students of Malaysia Technological University or Universiti Teknologi Malaysia where the study will be done based on 3 main phases.

Phase1::Literature Review; where each students were given few topics in a domain of 5-8 persons and they will be producing an inception report. The production of this report is very important as to guide the whole progress of the studio.

Phase 2::Inventory, analysis and synthesis,
2.1. Desk Study; this study comprises of few domain in concentration of topics from inception report which will produce a detail draft inventory on site before we go to the site.
2.2. Field trip; Our site are located at Kota Tinggi,a district of Johore Region we as the whole class which consist of 43students visited the site as to do the inventory and early analysis accordingly to our domain concern.
2.3.Gis data analysis and synthesis; we are required to transferred all the data that we derived to the GIS format. GIS is a software of Geographical Information System where it helps to do the analysis and synthesis based on our concern to the place. There were about 9domains doing different topics such as geological and topography; heritage,myth and legend; natural and conservation; facilities and utilities; regional background and soon. We are about to built a database of GIS and during the final stage, there are few result that we produce using the software of Multi Criteria Analysis and so on. The result of the synthesis are the landscape sensitive area as well as heritage sensitive area.
Example of Heritage Sensitive Area Boards:

Phase 3::Masterplan and detail area plan
As the previous phase done, then we are about to be divided into few groups which contain different students in terms of the study and understanding of site to develop an action area plan (master plan) and few supporting detail area plan.

and last but not least my detail action area plan; Kanaq Indigenous Self-Sustaining Village, Kampung Sungai Selangi

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