Sunday, April 24, 2011

paragraph 1:: INTRODUCTION

Hello there, for the welcoming says, I would like to introduce about the meaning of the blog name;The Sustainable Seni People. Its kind of a combination between my interest, culture as well as the sensitivity towards the human being.. I am not that good in writing in English even i can converse well.. So, as i am now in the field of Landscape interest and senses are more guided to the human sensitivity towards the sustainable, Sustainable Seni People is actually a virtual essence of perception towards looking to the environment and world sustainability with the approach of art and science as to emerge with human sensitivity and awareness. In this blog i'll try to share ways and methods of making the world as a place to live from my perspective of view. It's kind of boring, but i'll try to make it more vibrant and pleasant in terms of the presentational as to evoke the awareness of people who deliberately got no sense in environmental and greenery.

Later on:
I would like to share one of my project during resource analysis and landscape planning studio.


  1. i'm following ur story yar here hoo,till paragraph 6 n even da next one,cuz i,admire ur work soo much..huhu~then like 2 takes ur's as an exmple,well,ganbare yo!!huhu~clamat brusehe tuk mmbrikn cth yg tebaek wat mrk dluar sne yg t'tnye2 'how to do it'.. v(^,~)

  2. Thanks for the commence, i would share anything to my peers if they love to improve themselves. U have the cool blog and i wonder how boring my blog is :P