Monday, April 25, 2011

Examination has comes around

Gosh, i got few papers of examination this week. OMG and i just like fooling around and write on this Sustainable Seni People without any guilt. Hmm i've got an interesting topic today.. have you ever wonder to see the river in front of ur house which have been dirt and polluted..hence it brings smells and invites all kind of guest including FLIES! Okay, i would like to share a topic during my diploma study, the study have the relation with river revitalization and how the river becoming the major link in the city. My reference study was located in Cheonggye Cheon River in Korea. Have you ever heard of that name?? I guess if u are person that comes from sustainable science or urban design fields, u might be familiar with this river... have u ever seen the video of this river restoration? Here i gave u the link :
Okay back to my design study, the site is located in the heart of Seremban, Malaysia. The town was named after the traditional games named after batu seremban.. okay in the river there is a river that located in the middle of the town which named Temiang River. This river in the old days was been used as one of major transportation ways like the norm of any civilization in world.
from the theme given, THE MURAL CITY; i revealed the concept statement; THE ANIMATED REVEALATION OF DYNAMIC URBAN SPACE. The feeling of a man who walk throughly the city with the injection of excitement and liveliness by physical design revealing the hidden identity of SEREMBAN AS THE TRANSIT CITY FOR THE WHOLE. Such an animated design by sequence that directing people from one transit point to another just for the city to become more pleasant THE BETTER PLACE.

First i'll be stating the issues, followed by the design that tackle the issues and how the design relates to the concept.
i. the strength is the direction of people movement from this 2 major nodes
ii. the opportunity is the pedestrian walkway that could be benefit to acknowledge people about how Seremban got its name: since the KTMB site is self as the previously was the Chinese commercial area where Chinese old folks play the batu seremban
iii. the weakness is the lack of public surveillance and potential of becoming crime prone space.
iv. potential of good view

+ so i animating the area as a plaza which revealing;
i. the new scheme of  KTMB quarters, to raise the public surveillance which the houses is dual frontage.
ii taking the advantage of site, i proposed few designated sculpture that acknowledge people about seremban
      a. information board that graphically acknowledge people about how seremban got its name
      b. a series of sculpture that acknowledge people about the mining activities that sprawling the seremban city along temiang river
iii. proposing a small cafe with a plaza and parking for user as im evoking the space to be the viscosity where people can waited for relatives to fetch them which will be reducing the traffic conflict in front of KTMB as well as raising the public surveillance.
iv. the sheltered walkway will be redesign just to create sense of excitement where at the end of the shelter before going into the tunnel there will be a 24 hour kiosk which is 7 eleven and a small police cottage if there is anything happen to the site.

as passing the tunnel, we will be arriving at TERMINAL ONE TRANSIT HUB where the day of seremban city started. the issues revealed here is the negligence of public realm, i shifted the taxi hub near the TERMINAL ONE HUB, i'm proposing new taxi hub at the way side( once get worked will be havoc and create natural traffic calming by minor nodes)  with the extension of curb that narrowing the street where the distance to crossed the road will get reduce because of the designated hump. the other alinated island is dataran seremban which apprear to be odd and lack of uses. i proposed a city liner bus hub which servicing the citizen within seremban city center. From terminal one, people will be directed to dataran seremban by a swale from sungai temiang that created in between the hump to dataran seremban. its creating new minor nodes that will be provided with cafe and koisk where the night can be used as a gathering area for youth in seremban which respecting the liveliness of nightlife at dataran seremban.

between km plaza and terminal one plaza, i created a sitting area with designated bridge
that allows people to sit around and creating street activities since the fast food restaurant such as
KFC, PIZZA HUT and Mc D is there. this particular area is forcing people to walk on the bridge since
there is an island that creating sense of pause.3 designated water feature pillar is proposed along
the bridge will help to increase the visual linkage as well as capturing the eyes using its vivid color.
It enhancing the outdoor activities that generate indoor outdoor connection.

the 3rd issues is the unutilized riverside, this is best can be refereed along
the chinese district where there are few minor nodes such as the schools,
food bazar and hawkers plaza. as i'm respecting the site context i'm just injecting
small designated feature that help to enhance the chinese district. SERIAL VISION.

As for overall, i'm creating few changes in seremban city, the minor one. one
fully pedestrianise walkway in front of methodist school to generate smooth
vehicular movement along the area, the open food court as for the student
and workers nearby can enjoy food within walking distance and pleasant
environment.the separation of sewage system and the aeration system using
water cascade and water feature as the temiang river water purification solution as i'm
referring to Cheonggye River Seoul, korea. hump and textured road surface as the
general traffic calming.

As for the conclusion, i'm believing that this proposal design is applicable to be implemented on the site, the moderate injection of design elements that generating significance human sense. the respect and concern
of the real situation on the site. few spaces that being redesign is enhancing and generating the human movement in the respect of public realm.

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